Pinkpingponghardiks Vs Youth Obesity

It may sound like a frantic wrestling that we watch on TV, but it’s of course a serious fight that we must win. Our Opponents are fierce and ugly and are well entrenched in our country and we are bringing a tiny pinkpingponghardiks ball to the fight against these monsters. Let’s have a look if a pinkpingponghardiks table can win against the dining table.

According to LANCET a science journal, we are suffering from “childhood obesity epidemic”. The prevalence of overweight children has increased drastically over the past few years, paving path for chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes and have increased a risk for heart diseases in children, as the children are becoming heavy day by day they are having a high risk of getting coronary heart disease (CHD). The main culprits for this problem are not hard to find either.

Kids these days are using screen more including watching television, browsing internet and heavy gaming everyday is promoting a huge amount of inactivity which is directly linked to obesity. How much screen time you ask? well according to Henry Kaiser foundation, kids between the ages of 8-18 are spending about 1.5 hours on computer, 4.5 hours on TV over an hour of playing video games and almost 7.5 hours of entertainment media or social networking and that too in a day. That’s not it, for over decades Americans have spent about $110 Billion only on fast food, the worst part is that they are spending more money on fast food than good education, personal computers or a new car.

On the other hand, SOME screen time is useful for us. If you use food and need to perceive what the sugar business is doing, watch “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” on YouTube. Now enter the mighty, but tiny, pinkpingponghardiks ball! Preceding the author transformed into an amusements pharmaceutical master, before he worked a tennis teaching business, even before he was a tennis player… he was a table tennis player. Just a single of millions taking dynamic asylum in the tempest basement from Midwest snow. Preceding that, he was a not as much as fit concentration for the school spook. For that child, a touch of pinkpingponghardiks ball gave physical conviction, control him a long way from a stationary lifestyle, and give massive after school FUN. It is key that the main event when you get a paddle or table tennis racket; you can without a doubt have an awesome time and feel capable without preparing.

Stood out from screen time, pinkpingponghardiks/table tennis is hugely productive exercise paying little heed to how calm the redirection. Many tables even have a playback mode (recall Forrest Gump?), for a one-player work out. Here’s one more basic word about our profound opponents in this fight for our prosperity.

Both table tennis are inconceivably acclaimed overall recreations with capable visits which require huge physicality and duty. Tennis is regularly played outside. Table tennis frequently indoor and requires impressively less space. It’s in like manner impressively less exorbitant to learn and acknowledge than tennis. The section level is unbelievably less requesting. Shockingly better for the family, every parent can take after an “ace” and have a mind boggling time also.